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ZODIAC POWER RINGS…..An Audio Visual Presentation

Hi! My name is Ashit Jalui. Today I am going to make you aware about a unique concept that I generated after a long research. This concept has changed the lives of many people the world over and you can be the next one to get benefited. As you all know that science makes things believable and practically reliable. My concept Zodiac Power Rings are a scientific creation and once you wear a Zodiac Power Ring based on your Zodiac Sign on any finger other than the tall middle finger, it shall make you feel confident, dilute your stress levels, and also infuse an overall feeling of well being. And what’s more if you don’t get results within two weeks then we shall return 80% of your money back. I am confident. Are You! Zodiac Power Ring

Rewrite your destiny

When life is a black hole Of nothingness,

A ray of light is a welcome relief.

Hope shines eternal in the stars of change.

A smile is worth…Eternity.

Rings of Power

Tension and stress is a common feature in a man’s life all over the globe. Competition is seeping into day-to-day life as if it is a loaf of bread that we eat daily. In such an age it is important that we continue to believe in ourselves come what may. Zodiac Power Rings are successfully doing that for you in an easy, convenient and affordable manner.

Zodiac Power Rings are composed of Panchadhatu or five metals namely Gold, Iron, Zinc, Silver and Copper. They are formulated in a highly scientific and transparent manner. You can wear these rings based on your individual Zodiac Sign on any finger other than the tall middle finger.

Zodiac Power Rings promise to make you more confident, assertive, and bold or in short more in-control of yourself. Success will be yours and people will like you for what you are. And if at all, you don’t get the desired results then there’s a money back guarantee. Howz that for confidence! Don’t worry, just be happy with your Zodiac Power Ring

A long list of celebrities is proud owners of Zodiac Power Rings. A few of the names are as follows:
Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Raveena Tandon, Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly, Virender Sehwag, Zaheer Khan, Pramod Mahajan, Bipasha Basu, Sushma Swaraj, Priety Zinta, Sushmita Sen, Adnan Sami, Aftab Shivdasani, Aman Verma, Vivek Oberoi Anil Kapoor, Arjun Rampal and many more.

Lighting a lamp of faith

Zodiac Power Rings are a brainchild of the Jalui family. Mr Ashit Jalui, Managing Director, Zodiac Power Rings had a firm faith in the findings of his great grandfather Mr Aghat Jalui, an Astrologer in the British ruled India of the nineteenth century. He was infinitely inspired by the Panchadhatu shield, that was given by Shri Krishna to Arjun during the Mahabharat. This Panchadhatu shield proved to be a blessing in disguise for Arjun as it made him more assertive. He was also able to concentrate much better than before.

Mr Ashit Jalui realized the dreams of his great grandfather by making Panchadhatu a reality in the form of a small ring to be worn on the fingers. Popularly known as Zodiac Power Rings, they are a roaring success the world over. Mr Ashit Jalui has recently been honoured with Doctorate in Astronomy from Los AngelesRochville University in the year 2004. The same University had earlier conferred a Masters degree in Astrology, face reading and metallic powers.

This difficult dream was given a practical form due to the hard work and dedication of Mr Ashit Jalui. He worked for ten long years to bring perfection to the final product. For this he also had to visit Italy for acquiring the most modern machinery for the factory of Zodiac Power Rings.

Vanity Gold is a company, which was started by Mr Ashit’s father Mr Haradhan Jalui, who used to deal in Diamond and Gold jewellery. Mr Ashit  has taken it a step further with the super success of Zodiac Power Rings. The other products that are manufactured by Vanity Gold are as follows:
# Planetary Power Pendents
# Panchadhatu Pens
# Kauchu Bands
# Panchadhatu Bangles

Mix and Match

The Zodiac Power Rings are created out of a strict scientific process. The five metals or Panchadhatu namely Gold, Silver, Zinc, Iron and Copper are taken in their most refined form. They are melted, mixed, fermented and re-melted, remixed and re-fermented carefully over a period of six months.

Factory of success

The first manufacturing unit of Zodiac Power Rings was started from Abdul Rehman Street in a 300 Sq. Ft. area. The factory was shifted to 1000 Sq. Ft. area in Bhuleshwar. Mr Ashit Jalui personally went to Italy for purchasing automated and modern machinery for the factory.

It was considered impossible to mix Iron with Gold and Silver. But with the help of the Italian machines, this impossible thing was made practically possible. After all mixing five metals isn’t a child’s play. That is why the hard work that goes into making Zodiac Power Rings makes it so special.

The third factory has recently started in Vasai region of Mumbai in a sprawling 3000 Sq. Ft. area with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. The five metals namely Gold, Silver, Iron, Zinc and Copper are purchased from the market. They are then purified till they reach the 100% purity level.

The entire manufacturing process is scientific. Say, for e.g. if you are a Capricorn, then there’s a separate table involving the proportion of Gold, Silver, Zinc, Copper and Iron. The high tide is a must at the time of manufacturing. In the case of Aries, the proportion, timing is different. It is the case with the rest of the Astrological Signs.

Transparency and Accountability

 Each customer is given a bill while purchasing Zodiac Power Rings. The customers are given an open offer of returning the ring with an 80% refund guarantee if they don’t get the desired results. The salesman first makes the repayment and then asks for the reason behind the customer’s dissatisfaction. In many a cases the customer takes back the ring due to the good principles followed by the executives of Zodiac Power Rings.

No wonder, only less than 1% of Zodiac Power Rings are returned. The rejected rings are dismantled.

We would also like to caution our worthy patrons that they should be wary of the imposters who are selling crap in the name of Panchadhatu Rings. So, always make sure that you check out the ZPR logo on all our rings.
Here’s wishing you lots of happiness in all the spheres of life only with Zodiac Power Rings.
Zodiac Power Rings
Rewrite your destiny

Zodiac Power Rings,
Namaskaar, mera naam Dr. Ashit Jalui hai. Aaj main apko ek adhbhut concept se avgat karaonga jo ki lambi research ke baad banaya gaya hai. Is concept ne duniya bhar mein lakhon logon ki kismet badal di aur ho sakta hai bahut jald aapki kismet bhi badal jaye. Jaise ki aap sabhi jaante hain ki vigyaan duniya main bharosa aur vishvaas paida karta hai. Mera concept Zodiac Power Ring bhi ek vaigyanic creation hai aur jab aap isko apni beech ki badi ungli ko chod kar kisi bhi aur ungli main pehnenge to aap apne aapko zyada confident payenge, maansic dabao kam hoga aur safalta aapke kadam choomegi. Aur agar aap apni Zoidac Power Ring se santusht nahin hote hain to do hafte mein aapko 80% paisa vapis ho jayenge. Main apne par vishvaaas rakhta hoon. Aur Aap! Zodiac Power Rings …  

Jab zindagi sirf  ek nirasha ho  
Achcha lagta hai agar aasha ho

Badalte sitaron mein ummeed jagmagati hai

Vishwas anant hai,  yahi yaad dilati hai

Aaj kal ki jeevan shaili mein mansik tanaav se har insaan joojh raha hai. Competition hamari zindagi mein is tarah shamil ho gaya hai ke us se peecha chhudana ab asambhav sa ho gaya hai. Aise samay mein yeh zaroori ho jata hai ke hum apne aatmvishwas ko jeevit rakhein. Aur yahi aatmvishwaas hum ko milta hai, zodiac power rings se, jo ungli mein padte hi aap ki zindagi ko badal ke rakh deti hain.
Zodiac Power Rings panchdhatu se bani hain jo ki paanch dhatooon ka mishrand hai. Yeh dhatoo hain sona, chandi, loha, tamba  aur kaansa. Yeh ring bahut hi vaigyan dhang se bani hui hai. Aap is ring ko apni apni rashi ke hisaab se peheh sakte hain, par itna dyaan rah eke is ko beech ki badi ungli ke siva, kisi bhi ungli par pahen sakte hain.

Zodiac Power Ring ka aap se yeh vaada hai ke yeh aap ko zyaada confident, zyaada aatmvishvasi, aur zyaada bold banati hai. Safalta aap ke kadmon mein hogi aur duniya aap ki muththi mein. Aur agar aap ko yeh ring pehen kar apni ichcha ke anusaar nateeja na mile to hum aap ko dete hain money back guarantee. Ab batayien aap kyaa kaheinge. Hai nay eh laajawaab???

Sirf itna hi nahiin, bahut si badi hastiyon ne aur bade sitaron ne is ring ko apnaaya hai aur is se laabh uthayaa hai.

Ummeed ki Roshni:

Zodiac Power Rings ko Jalui khaandan ke sadasyoun ne   banayaa hai. Shri Ashit Jalui, jo ki Zodiac Power Rings ke Managing Director hain, un ko apne par-dada Aghat Jalui ki creation mein bahut vishwaas hai. Kyonki Aghat Jalui ek jyotish Vaigyaanik the. Un ko Bhagwaan shri Krishna ki Arjun ko di hui panchdhatu ki dhal ne bahut prerit kiya tha. Jis tarah se who panch dhaatu ki dhal arjun ke liye ek chamatkaar siddh hui thi aur un ke aatmvishwaas ko badhaane mein kaamgar sabit hui thi is hi tarah yeh ring bahut tarah se aap ke aatmasamman  aur ichcha shakti ko badhati hai.

Dr. Ashit Jalui ji ne apne dada ke sapne ko saakar kiya. Is daur mein dhaal le kar chalna to sambhav nahin hai is hi liye, Unhone us hi panchatu se zodiac power ring ko tayyaar kiya jis ko aap apni ungli mein pehen kar apne jeevan ki dhal bana sakte hain. Itna hi nahin hai, apne behetreen paridaamon ki vajah se zodiac power rings poori duniya mein bahut mash-hoor hui hain. America mein Los Angeles ki Rochville University ne Shri Ashait Jalui ko Astronomy ya Jyotishvigyaan mein doctorate degree pradaan ki hai. Aur is hi University ne pehle Ashit Ji ko Astrology, face reading and metallic powers mein masters ki degree pradaan ki thi..

Dr. Ashit Jalui ji ka sapna aasaan nahin tha, par phir bhi un ki atoot lagan aur vishwaas ne un ko us mein kaamyaabi dilayi. Unhone das saal tak kaam kiya jis se who apni ring mein perfection laa sakien. Aur us ke liye un ko italy jaa kar machinein laani padien jis se who Zodiac Power rings ko bakhoobi bana sakien.
Dr. Ashit Jalui ji ke Pitaa ji ne Vanity Gold namak company ki sthaapna ki jis se who soney aur heeron ki jewellery ka vyapaar kiya karte the. Aur Ashit Jalui ji ne us hi business ko naya roop de kar  apaar oonchaiyon tak pohochaya hai . Aur who naya roop hai- Zodiac Power Rings.

Zodiac Power Rings ek bahut hi vaigyaan tareeke se tayyaar ki jaati hain. Jo paanch dhatu is mein mishrit kiye jaatein hain who hain sona, chandi, loha, tamba  aur kaansa, jo ki unke sab se shuddh roop mein liye jaate hain. Un ko pighla kar un ko aapas mein mishrit kiya jaata hai our us ko thanda ho kar jamne diya jaata hai, uske baad unko phir pighlaya jaata hai aur phir thanda kar ke jamaya jaata hai. Is hi prakriya ko poorey chey mahinoon tak dohraya jata hai, phir kahin jaa kar wph mishrand tayyaar hota hai jis se zodiac power rings bante hain.

Karkhaana Kaamyaabi ka.

Zodiac Power Rings ka sabse pehla kaarkhaana Abdul Rehman Street mein 300 Sq. Fteet ke area mein shoroo hua tha. Us ke baad us factory ko Bhuleshwar ke  1000 squire feet area mein shift kiya gaya. Us ke liya machinein lene ke liye Ashit Ji khud Italy gaye or wahan se sab se modern machinery ko Bharat le kar aaye.

Aam dhaarna ke hisaab se sone aur chaandi ko lohe ke saath mishrit karma asambhav hota hai. Par in Italy ki machinon ne yeh mushkil kaam bhi kar dikhaaya. Paanch alag alag dhjatoo-on ko ek saath milana koi aasan kaam nahin hai is mein bahut samay aur bahut mehnat lagti hai. Aur yeh hi wajah hai ki Zodiac Power Rings ek Adbhut Chamatkaar se Kam nahin hain.

Zodiac Power Rings ki teesri factory abhi haal filhaal mein Vasai mein 3000 squire feet ke bade phaile hue area mein banayi gai hai. Is factory o state of the art facilities pradaan ki gayin hain, In machinoon main mishrit kiya jaane wala sona chaandi taamba loha aur kaansa bazaar se kharida jaata hai aur us ke sau pratihat shuddh hone tak us ko tayyaar kiya jaata hai.   

Yeh saara tareeka atyant vaigyaanik hai. Har rashi ke hisaab se har ring ke liye alag alag mishran tayyaar kiya jaata hai. Maan lijiye ki agar aap Capricorn rashi ke hain to us rashi ki ring ko tayyar karne ke liye sone sona chaandi taamba loha aur kaanse ki alag alag matra ko liya jayega. Aur us ko tayyaar karte samay samudra mein jawaar hona zaroori hai. Aur agar Aries rashi ki ring tayyaar karni hai to dhatoo-on ki matra aur samay alag hongey. Aur isi tarah sabhi rashiyoun ke liye alag alag samay aura lag bhinn-bhinn mishran tayyaar kiye jatein hain.

Har customer ko Zodiac Power Rings khareedne par bill diya jaata hai. Aur har customer ko yeh option diya jaata hai ki agar who apni ring se santusht nahin hai to who pandrah dinon ke antar us ko wapas kar kar 80% paise refund paa sakta hai. Vaapas karne par pehle salesman pehle paise vapaas deta hai aur phir customer se us ki asantushta ka kaaran poochhta hai. Aur zadyatar customers Zodiac Power Rings ke executives ke achche principles ko dekhte hue ring ko wapas karne ka khayaal hi chhod dete hain.

Is hi ke saath hum apney customers aur patrons to dikhawebaaz aur dhokebaaz logon se saawdhaan karma chahtey hai jo panchdhaatoo ke naam par kuchh bhi bana kar logon ko bewaqoof banatey hain. Is liye ham aap ko awgat kartey hain ke aap ring khareedtey samay us par laga hua ZPR ka logo dekhna naa bhooley.
Hamari taraf se aap sabhi zodiac power rings pahenne wale logon ko aap ki zindagi ke liye bahut saari shubh-icchhayien.

Zodiac Power Rings
Rewrite your destiny

Hindi catch-line options
* Badal de kismet

* Taqdeer badal de

* Apni kismet aap likhen

* Apni kismet aap likho

* Safal jeevan ujwal bhavishya

* Vishvaas ka doosra naam

* Vishvaas aapke pass

* Safal zindagi ka raaz

* Shaan aur samman

* Safalta jo saath nibhaye

* Nirasha se aasha ki or

* Bharosemand vishvaas

* Kyunki jeevan ek vishvaas hai

* Jagmagati umeed

* Safalta ki asha

* Kyunki safalta ek vishvaas hai

* Vishvaas zindagi ke saath

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